Referee Assignment

Referee Assignment is a function of the NSYSA. Volunteer assignors are supplied by each club on the North Shore to assist with this function. All assigning information flows through Patrick Li & Bernice Mulock who work for the NSYSA on behalf of the Clubs.
Assigning Referees is a critical component to the success of each week’s games. Typically there are over 90 girls games to assign Referee’s to each week, as well as over 20 girls games each week that require 2 Assistant referees also.
As this is a very involved volunteer position we are always looking for new assignors to replace those who have put in a year or two of service.
Please contact Dan Wood, Director of Officials at if you can help with this important job.

Referee Training

When can I start Refereeing?

Small Sided Games Referee Clinics (Old Level 5)
The Small Sided Games Referee Clinic is the basics of refereeing and is offered to individuals who are no less than
12 years of age.  Once an individual is successful in passing this clinic, they are classified as a Small Sided Games Referee and may officiate in any U12 and below game.
Pre-requisite: must be a Minimum of 12 Years old.
Course Length: 8 hours (normally)

Entry Level Referee Clinics (Old Level 4)
(This is the clinic you want to take if you are looking to become a registered referee in British Columbia) 
The Entry Level Referee Clinic is the entry point into the Provincial Referee Program.  Once an individual is successful in passing this clinic they will be classified as a Youth Referee, if they are 14 or 15 years old or a District Referee, if they are 16 years old or older. 
The goal of this three day clinic is, through experienced referee instructors and video is to provide a knowledge of refereeing in all aspect of the game.  The topics covered include, but are not limited to the Laws of the Game, Positioning, Signals, Administration of the game, and Preparation & Match Reporting. 
Pre-requisite: Minimum 14 Years old
Course Length: 17 hours

Referee Refresher Clinics  (Required Yearly)
The Canadian Soccer Association and the British Columbia Soccer Association requires all referees to attend a Referee Refresher Clinic annually and register with the BC Soccer office in order to maintain their active status. 
 Referee Refresher Clinics are designed to update all Registered Referees in British Columbia with any Laws of the Game changes and interpretations.  The clinic content of the refresher is developed by the Referee Education Program and launched in August of each year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please wear suitable clothing to participate in on-field activity and there will be a Fitness test at all Refresher Clinics
 Pre-requisite: Must currently be a BC Soccer Registered Official
Course Length: 3 hours.
Course Fee: FREE (once you have attended a Refresher Clinic you MUST re-register as a BC Soccer Referee, which is to be done on an annual basis.)

Annual Referee Registration

(once you have attended a Referee Refresher Clinic you MUST re-register as a BC Soccer Referee, which is to be done on an annual basis.) 
CLICK HERE to view our Annual Referee Registration Information and to register.
CLICK HERE to view the BC Soccer Referee Rules & Regulations which outline specific guidelines to advancement and promotion between refereeing classifications. 

NSYSA Referee Information

For more information on  North Shore Referee Clinics or Discipline Reporting Requirements go to the North Shore Youth Soccer Association Website and look under the Referee/Discipline Tab.

Referee No Shows


If your Referee does not show on game day you may contact Patrick Li @ 778-862-9008
He may not be available, so canvas your parents ahead of time for someone who is comfortable refereeing to take over the game should the need arise.


U9-U12 Referees and U16-U17 Assistant Referees, please e-email Charissa Li at

U13-U18 Referees and U18 Assistant Referees, please e-mail Patrick Li at

In both cases include: Team Name, Date, Field, Time so they can back track the missing Referee.

Referee Performance:

To report Referee incidents, please –mail NSYSA Referee-in-Chief Patrick Li at or by Telephone 778-862-9008. Please include: Team Name, Date, Field, Time, and a description of the issue.
I know we don’t often think about it, but should you get an excellent performance from one of our referees try and find the time to let Patrick know about those games as well. A little pat on the back is welcome anytime.

Remember without our Referee’s we don’t have games.  
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