Select Teams

Select Teams

Players at the U12 to U14 level are eligible to try out for one of our select teams. For more information on Tryouts please see the "Tryout Information" page on our website. The schedule is tentative, as field availability could require us to change the dates, but we will not schedule tryouts over spring break.

Levels of play:

Non Select Players from U14 to U17

If you are a non select player wanting to play on a Select team and is currently playing on a U14 - U17 team,  we want to hear from you.  Open tryouts are only available for those players going into U12 to U14.  NSGSC uses an in season evaluation for select players instead of an open tryout for the older age groups (U14 - U17).  During the month of February the Club will be holding ID nights for those Non Select players that would like to play select. 

Please click on the link below and apply to be evaluated.  One of the tryout directors will send you an email confirming your interest and will make arrangements for your evaluation.  Evaluations will take place during a select team development session with one of our Development Manager doing the assessment.  Our goal is to try to see each player twice. 

*Closed as of February 10th, 2017

Once the evaluation is complete your name will be put on a list of players wanting to play up.  When you register to pay for the next soccer season please indicate that you want your daughter to 'Play Up'.  Our lists are put together using the registrations the club receives for the upcoming season.

Jeff Mulock
Tryout Director

Joanne Bacchus
Tryout Coordinator