Select/Metro Team Fee

2016 Select Fee Payments

Each Select player is required to pay an extra $100 fee for U12-U14 or $125 fee for U15-U18 as a member of a Select team and each Metro player is required to pay an extra $460 fee as a member of a Metro team.  Select Fees are due and payable within 24 hours of accepting a Select / Metro position on a team.

Be sure to have your username and password ready!

***NOTE that each year players have to be officially placed on a Select/Metro team by their Age Group Coordinator, whether they played on a Select/Metro team the previous year or not.  Once confirmation of acceptance has been received, payment of the Select Fee will be required within twenty-four (24) hours from receipt of the "Paylink" from the Club.  Failure to make the Select Fee payment within the requisite deadline will result in forfeiture of the spot on the Select / Metro Team.  Please contact the Club Administrator ( and inquire about financial assistance options.

What is the Select/Metro Team Fee?

The Select Team fee of $100 per U12-U15 player or $125 per U16-U18 player and the Metro Team fee of $460 covers the increasing costs associated with playing select
/Metro soccer. This includes everything from turf and grass field rentals, second practice time slots, higher referee costs, the availability of professional coaches, and the general disproportionate allocations of time and resources by the Club in favour of Select/Metro teams. Each Select/Metro team in the Club places different demands on the system, and as a result the $100/$125/$460 fee simply represents an average fee to cover the overall rising costs of the entire NSGSC Select/Metro Team program.

Are there any refunds for players who accept positions on a Select team?

No. Once a player has accepted a position on a Select team that player is not eligible for a refund of their registration fees and Select team fees. The reason is that it can cause problems with respect to team competitiveness and balance if a player subsequently changes their mind. However, a player who is offered a position on a Select team can turn down that spot at the time they are offered the position on the team.