There is a backlog at the moment for completing CRCs on-line, and volunteers are encourage to go in-person to RCMP.

NSGSC is now enrolled with the BC Government's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based Online Service also referred to as eCRC.

NSGSC is now enrolled with the BC Government's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based Online Service also referred to as eCRC.

The eCRC program satisfies BC Soccer's Risk Management requirements.

You may now apply for a CRC online and no longer have to go to the RCMP unless fingerprints are necessary. This service is offered free to NSGSC's volunteers. The results of your eCRC will be emailed to

Follow the instructions on the link below using the NSGSC Volunteer Access Code:

    Online Link:
   NSGSC Volunteer Access Code: BJE4KSJRN9

We hope that the eCRC program will make it easier for NSGSC's volunteers to comply with BC Soccer's Risk Management requirements.

Please note: If you are asked to have fingerprinting done by the eCRC program:

    The fingerprints will be good for 10 years and can be transferred to other agencies, but
    The fee will at your own expense.

If you wouild prefer not to pay a fee for fingerprinting, please re-initiate your CRC request through the RCMP using the procedure in the next section (RCMP CRC).


** Due to high demand for on-line Criminal Record Check Processing in Victoria, the RCMP is now asking our volunteers to please go in person with the 2 forms below to their local RCMP detachment.  Processing time is quick - normally within 15 minutes.
Thank you for volunteering with the North Shore Girls Soccer Club and getting a Criminal Record Check (CRC) to ensure our players have a fun and safe soccer experience.
The North Vancouver RCMP has given us the following instructions for North Vancouver resident Volunteers. It should help to make this a smooth process.
If you are not a resident of North Vancouver, please contact our Risk Management Director for instructions on how to obtain your CRC.
Tony Bacchus - Risk Management Director
Phone: (604) 986 - 2786

(SIN and Care Cards are no longer accepted)

 Volunteers must complete and drop off the two forms identified below in person at their local RCMP detachment. The process time to drop off the completed form and show your ID should take less than 5 minutes. Volunteers should allow approximately 2 weeks for the processing.
The Two Forms and Instructions:
There is now one RCMP form for North Vancouver residents to complete:
(Download Document) -- North Vancouver RCMP Police Information Check

Complete all required sections on the three pages and bring with you to the RCMP detachment at: North Vancouver RCMP Detachment, 147 East 14th St. 604-985-1311, Office Hours: 8 am - 7 pm daily.
The second form is the:
NSGSC Volunteer Letter - CRC:  This letter establishes that you are a Club volunteer.  With this letter, the CRC will be free of charge.  Without this letter you will have to pay for the CRC.
Bring the three forms (two CRC forms and the Volunteer Letter) to a local RCMP detachment along with photo ID. You must provide at least two of the following with you:

1.    BC Drivers licence
2.    Passport
3.    Birth Certificate

The identification you take must include photo ID and show your current address in North Vancouver (drivers licence is good because it has both a photo and your address). If you have no ID that shows your current North Vancouver address, a BC Hydro, Telephone, or similar bill showing your name and address will suffice.

Address for the local North Vancouver RCMP Detachment:
North Vancouver RCMP Detachment
147 East 14th St. 604-985-1311
Office Hours: 8 am - 7 pm daily