Please see message below if you are interested in being a Junior Coach for the 2016-2017 season or if your team is interested in applying for a Junior Coach this season.  There are 2 important sections for prospective Junior Coaches and for Team's applying for a Junior Coach.

NSGSC Junior Coach Program


The NSGSC Junior Coach Program is designed to identify and nurture female soccer players (U15 to U18) who demonstrate the desired skills for coaching by providing them the opportunity to gain experience coaching younger teams.


i) To increase the opportunity for young women to access the coaching experience.

ii) To support qualified graduating soccer players in their pursuit of coaching development opportunities.

iii) To provide U6-U14 teams with female player role models and to establish mentoring experiences for younger players.

Program Description:

The Junior Coach Program for NSGSC Club athletes (U15-U18) will be aimed at targeting the rich source of potential coaches in the ranks of our graduating soccer players and developing new mentor coach positions to attract these women.  The program matches a Junior Coach with a younger team (U6-U14) and coach.  The program will be structured to meet the needs of both the Junior Coach and team. Junior Coaches selected will be required to take a BC soccer coaching course through the NSGSC to mentor coach with the team. Junior coaches will then begin working with their team as soon as possible in October, once coaching course has been completed.
Returning Junior Coaches will be placed with a different team each year to ensure there is fair and even availability for all teams within the club that would like to take advantage of this program.  There will only be 40 Junior Mentor Coaches per year. 

Financial Honourariums:

  • First year Junior Coaches will be paid $10.50 per hour.
  • Returning Junior Coaches will be paid $10.50 to $12.50 per hour.
  • The maximum earning potential in one season is $500.00.
  • All Junior Coaches must fill in and submit time sheets to be paid.
Junior Mentor Coach Eligibility:
  • A  U15 - U18  player who is registered with NSGSC.
  • A player who demonstrates the desired skills for coaching/mentoring.
  • A player who is willing to make the time commitments to take part in team practices, league games, and provincial and national competitions, as mutually agreed.
  • A player who can make a commitment to taking NSGSC soccer coaching certification classes.
  • A player who agrees to provide program evaluation feedback.
Junior Coach:

Please Fill out the Online Form between August 1st and September 31st.

* Junior Coaches must re-apply each year.

TEAM Eligibility:
  • A NSGSC Team U8-U14
  • A team that currently has a head coach.
  • A team committed to mentoring the selected player.
  • Agreement to provide program evaluation feedback.
  • A team must re-apply each year to be assigned a Junior Coach.

Application Process for Team

Please Fill out the Online Form between August 1st and September 31st.

* Teams must re-apply each year for a Junior Coach.