Women's Registration

Women's Registration Info


Registration will open on Monday, July 25, 2016.


1. Go to www.nsgsc.ca

2. Click “Women’s” à Click “Register here”

3. Read information and scroll down to "Click here to register"

4. Choose your options to sign in:

(a) Returning Fall/Winter players OR players who played Spring/Summer soccer: same user name and password.

(b) New players: create a new username and password.

5. Choose your league options- KEY!


MWSL Winter League - $240

Women’s Over30s Winter League - $45

6. Provide all required information: including current address, email and cell phone number – it is very important to update your information.

7. Under ‘preferences’: provide information about team requested and/or level requested (if you are new).

8.  Where asked about volunteering: scroll down and choose “I play for the Women’s Program” – this will allow you to opt out of the extra fee.

9. Upload picture for I.D. card. You cannot play without this picture. Make sure the photo is good quality and rotated correctly.

10. Process payment:

a) If applying for financial assistance, please choose “financial assistance” as the payment option. Submit necessary paperwork as noted in the “Financial Assistance” section of the Women’s page. You will not be approved to play until your application has been received, processed, and approved. You will receive a notification.

b) Use a credit card ONLY.

11. Keep your registration confirmations. You will receive two emails: one from  NSGSC (The Club) and one MWSL (The League). If you register before the season starts, the registration confirmation from MWSL will show up in your inbox around the start of the season (late August/early September). If you register after the season starts, your registration confirmation will show-up a few days after your  NSGSC registration. YOU CANNOT PLAY WITHOUT RECEIVING A REGISTRATION CONFRIMATION FROM MWSL.

12. Confirm with your coach that he/she has your player card: You need your player card to be eligible to play.

If you register before the season starts, your coach/manager will have your card. If you register after the season starts, you may be responsible for picking up your card at the MWSL office. Note: they have VERY limited hours so always double check if they are open. 

13. Registering after the season starts? All registrations must be processed on the Thursday evening of a game week if you want to be eligible to play that weekend.  (7 days when it is a cup game!)

14. Wondering where your money goes to? Most of your fee covers the costs of taking part in the MWSL. By registering through NSGSC, you pay for your League and Club fees. Here is the breakdown:

·         MWSL Team Fees

·         MWSL Player Fees

·         MWSL Referee Fees

·         MWSL Card Fees

·         NSGSC Program costs (Fields, Insurance, Coaches, Uniforms)


MWSL Winter League - Premier Only: $300 Registration open between July 25,  2016 - March 15th, 2017

MWSL Winter League: $240 Registration open between July 25, 2016 and January 15th, 2017

Women's Over 30s Winter League: $45 Registration open between July 25th, 2016 and January 15th, 2017


All payments must be maid with a credit card. If this presents an issues, please contact Amanda (information below) directly.

Early Bird Registration fees will apply until August 15th, 2016. All registrations received after that date will be subject to 30$ additional fee.

All players joining after October 31st, 2016 will receive a 25% discount on registration. 

All players joining after December 1st, 2016 will receive a 50% discount on registration. 

All players joining after January 1st, 2017 will receive a 75% discount on registration. 

NOTE: For the Premier and Selects Divisions, the 75% discount will apply after March 1st, 2017 (due to a longer season of play). 

Multiple League Discount (Spring/Summer only): Playing in more than one league? You qualify for a discount! Pay attention to registration as you work through it. It will prompt you. 

Family Discount: The NSGSC offers discounts if there is more than one player from a family playing in the Club. Although each player is registered separately, when the second, third or fourth player in a family registers, the family discount must be applied to their registration at the time of registration. Click the appropriate discount at which point the discount will be applied to your fee. Please ensure that you have calculated the family discount before you pay/process your second/third/fourth family member. If you do not process these discounts at the time of registration the NSGSC is unable to apply the family discount retroactively.

If you are registering more than one player, you must register them one at a time. After posting the first player's registration, login again with the user name and password of that player and the select their name or "register a new player". 

To confirm or change information AFTER you have registered, select Change Player Info.

Any questions can be direction to our Women’s Program Registrar, Amanda Pospiech at womensregistrar@nsgsc.ca

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