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Select Soccer and Tryouts - FAQ

Levels of play:

What is a Select team?

A Select team is a team in which the players are selected based on evaluations of the players. Select teams are typically referred to as Division 1 or 2 level. The evaluations take place during the season, and at U11, U12, U13 we also hold tryouts at the end of the season.

Who should register to play for a Select team?

Any player, who is serious about making a Select team and is prepared to make the commitment, is encouraged to register to be considered for a Select team. Those players who are not prepared to make the commitment or who are not intending to leave their existing team, should not indicate they wish to play on a Select team.

What commitment is associated with a Select team?
Players can expect to have 2 training sessions each week and 1 game per week. Select teams generally enter tournament(s) over the season. Players should be prepared to give Select teams priority over other recreational activities and other academy programs. Players / Parents should expect additional travel associated with games and tournament(s).

What do I have to do to indicate that I wish to be considered for a Select team?
Each player who wishes to be considered for a Select team must register with the club for the upcoming season. There are specific deadlines for each age group, depending on if there are Tryouts in that age group.
How are players evaluated?
Every player wishing to play on a U12 to U14 Select team must attend posted Tryouts. Players wishing to play on a U15 to U18 Select team are not required to attend a Tryout (unless wishing to play Metro Soccer please refer to website for further information about Metro).

The players wanting to be on a U15-U18 Select team are instead picked based on player evaluations that occurred during the past season.

What skills are assessed during an evaluation?
Players are evaluated on individual ball skills as well as team and game playing skills. In addition, factors such as attitude, desire, and enthusiasm are important considerations.

Wanting to play select soccer and is currently playing with a U14 - U17 non select team.

The following steps will take place once the player makes contact with the tryout director:

•  The  Tryout  Director  will  arrange  for  assessment(s)  of  the  player.
•  The  assessments  where  appropriate  and  possible will  include  practice  evaluations  by  the  Development Manager (DM),  and  input  from  the  current  head  coach.
•  The  assessment  where  appropriate  and  possible will  be  based  on  the  same  factors  considered  for  current  Select  level  player  DM / Coach  evaluations.  
•  Where  an  assessment  cannot  be  arranged  for  that  player,  the  Tryout  Director  and  DM  will  determine  another  method  of  assessment  that  best  utilizes  a  similar  or  equivalent  process.     

*CLOSED as of February 10th, 2017

What is a Select Team Tryout?
A Select team Tryout is a player evaluation, which is conducted over two to four sessions for the purpose of selecting the most skilled and suitable players in an age group to form one or more Select teams.

Do players need to attend every session of the try-out?

Yes. Missing any of the sessions will definitely affect your chances of being selected.

How much does it cost to attend a Select team Tryout?
$35, which is a one-time annual fee for all Tryouts (including Metro level) a player may participate in.

If more than one team is formed will players be placed with their friends?
No. The NSGSC has a policy to form balanced Select teams if two or more teams are placed at the same level in the same age group. Players will be placed on teams according to player rankings from the evaluation process.

If more than one team is formed will players be permitted to request a specific coach?
No. Under no circumstances can players expect to choose the coach. Players must expect to be placed with any of the coaches for that age group.

Will players remain with their existing team if they are unsuccessful?
Yes, unless they have requested a transfer.

How many players will be chosen?
For U12, a of twelve (12) players will be chosen per team. For U13-U16, a minimum of sixteen (16) players and a maximum of eighteen (18) players may be chosen per team. BCSA allows up to twenty (20) players at U17 and U18.

Are there any refunds for players who accept positions on a Select team?

No. Once a player has accepted a position on a Select team that player is not eligible for a refund of their registration fees and Select team fees. The reason is that it can cause problems with respect to team competitiveness and balance if a player subsequently changes their mind. However, a player who is offered a position on a Select team can turn down that spot at the time they are offered the position on the team.