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Posted 2/11/2014
North Shore Girls Soccer Club is now using ePACT Network


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North Shore Girls Soccer Club is proud to announce the use of ePACT, an online emergency network, beginning in the 2014/15 season. ePACT will help us better support our players in an emergency, while making it easy for parents to keep important medical and contact information up-to-date.

ePACT is a highly secure network that will be used in conjunction with our registration system. During registration (which begins February 11), you will be asked to create an ePACT record. This is a record that you will control and can update at any time, ensuring we have up-to-date information about your child while you have less paperwork to deal with!

Using ePACT

  • The last step to completing your registration is filling out your ePACT record. You will see a link in our registration system, that will connect your child to NSGSC via ePACT.
  • Create your ePACT Account, or login to an existing account
  • Enter emergency information for your child
  • Share the information with NSGSC through ePACT
  • Update ePACT anytime during the year, and we will automatically be alerted (e.g. add a new cell phone or new emergency contact, and we receive that update).

Already have an ePACT Account?
Many people on the North Shore are already using ePACT through their school, after school care or other sports league. If you have an existing ePACT account, click the ePACT link and login with your ePACT username and password during your online registration – much of the information we require will already be complete!

Privacy & Security
Because ePACT is web-based, we have the ability to securely access the system via smartphone, tablet or computer, so it's always accessible at practice, a game or on the road. The system maintains the same levels of security and privacy as online banks to ensure the safety of your information, while limiting access only to the coach and manager in case a player requires support.

ePACT Support
Have questions or feedback? Please contact the ePACT team seven days a week at help@epactnetwork.com or call 604-210-5070 Monday-Friday, 9-5 PST.

More Information
For more information on ePACT, please visit http://www.epactnetwork.com.